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Oh Taste and See...

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!  Psalm 34:8

I have often been at a restaurant or at home in my kitchen eating with my daughter and she might ask how something I am eating tastes.  So naturally, I will ask her to taste and see if she likes it.  I must say, most of the time she will often take the chance to taste the new, unknown delicacy to see if she likes it or not.  However, I have met a lot of people who are not as willing to take the risk of tasting the unknown.  They will tell you they don't like a particular food that they have never eaten before in their life.  Because they are not willing to step outside of their comfort zone, they are stuck with being satisfied with the foods that they probably grew up eating.  They may never discover that there may be some other foods that are just as good or even better than what they currently enjoy eating.

Likewise, there are a number of people who have lived their lives according to the way the culture has dictated it to them.  They have been taught to get a good education so they can get a good job, and obtain the houses, cars, vacations that come with having the wealth to do so. When a person observes all the consumers around them acquiring the finer things in life and having a life full of entertainment, they find that lifestyle appealing and they want to eat and drink it all in.

So when they are approached with the notion to "taste and see" that the Lord is good, they will oftentimes push the plate back in your direction.  They do not realize that there is a reason that they keep trying to attain status and obtain stuff to fulfill an insatiable and unquenchable hunger and thirst.  They have a void that can only be filled by the love and power of our gracious God.  

We have been called to live our lives in a way that causes them to realize that they are hungry for something that never goes out of style and never loses its power or value.  We should be lifestyle witnesses that cause unbelievers to salivate for the truth of the gospel.  I hear you saying, that won't necessarily make someone realize they are hungry for the gospel and thirsty for the truth.  And you are absolutely right.  But what I want to get across metaphorically is, once you are at the table with them, don't get up and leave them just because they refuse to taste the food the first time.  There were several times when my precious daughter refused to try a particular food the first time but when I had the same food on a later occasion, she asked to taste it without being asked.

God is the Master Chef.  We are called to serve what He prepares for His people without judging how or if they eat it.  Let's be excited that we are servants of the Most High and we are afforded the opportunity to serve the world the gracious love of our Lord and Savior.  Jesus is mmm, mmm good!

Intentional Disciplism!  It's not a presentation but a conversation.  It's not an event but a lifestyle.

Intentional Disciple Maker,