RJ Alexander Ministries
Not a Presentation But a Conversation. Not an Event But a Lifestyle


What are they saying?

Min. Reggie Alexander is a prolific leader, teacher, bible student and minister of the gospel, who places high priority and focus on the Word of God.  I know him to be a true disciple of Christ - one whose ministry leads others from milk to the meat of God's Word, as he steers his audience to participate beyond the proverbial "church as usual" approach to being a Christian - to becoming a Christ follower who duplicates followers in others.  His leadership, teaching and preaching ministry represent giant strides in taking discipleship to a higher level.

Min. D. Williams, First Baptist Church of Glenarden

The Intentional Disciplism workshop Min. Reggie conducted at my church made me wonder if I am “really” representing Christ and fulfilling call of discipleship. Min. Reggie challenged me to become a true disciple.

Dr. C Henderson, New Vision Church

Min. Alexander—your Intentional Disciplism workshop was very informative and spiritually filled with showing us how to be disciples for Jesus Christ. I liked the fact that you had group participation and scenarios.

Mother Crawford, New Vision Church

Minister & Spiritual Instructor, Reggie Alexander is a marvel at bringing spiritual teachings to life.  His workshop on "Intentional Disciplism" helped me to identify roadblocks or what Reggie coined "What's in your net?" when it comes to not only leading individuals to Christ, but how to begin the critical process of discipleship.  I highly recommend this workshop for church leaders and evanglelism ministries.

A. Cheeks, Co-Founder, Cheeks Communications, Leadership Strategist and Author

I had the great honor of doing ministry with Reggie in a JAG (Joshua's Anointed Generation) session.  This brother is insightful, powerful and intentional.  I look forward to many other opportunities to serve with him sharing the Word of God.

Min. M. Davis, First Baptist Church of Glenarden and Author

I thought I fully understood the meaning of Matthew 28:19-20, "The Great Commission."  That is, until Minister Reggie Alexander shattered my view of living out Jesus' admonition.  Minister Reggie's passion for making  disciples has caused me to reorient my thinking and actions, so I live a life of placing service to Jesus above all other priorities.  

C. Williams, Student in Discipleship Focus Study, First Baptist Church of Glenarden

The discipleship class totally changed the way that I look at what a disciple is.  Min. Reggie has a deep passion and desire to teach Christians to focus on the mission that Jesus called each believer to.  Min.  Reggie brings a practicality to his teaching that helps you understand and implement the teachings into your daily life.   He inspires you to keep learning and look for ways to show love and compassion to mankind.  

R. McCray, Student in Discipleship Focus Study, First Baptist Church of Glenarden

My experience participating in Min. Reggie's  Intentional Disciplism workshop was truly eye opening and transformative.  I really gained a greater understanding regarding witnessing to non-believers and making disciples.  I was challenged to my core as a Christian and follower of Christ to make disciples.    

A. Bailey, Founder, Finding Your Purpose

There are so many changes in my life that have occurred since I participated in the discipleship class Min. Reggie invited me to participate in.  There is a new standard that I have set for my journey with Christ.  My standard is to be a disciple of Jesus as a worshiper, a servant, and a lifestyle witness.  The class has provided me with  the tools to impact the lives of others to become disciples, not just converts.

B. Miller, Brothers in Discipleship Facilitator, First Baptist Church of Glenarden