RJ Alexander Ministries
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Services Overview

This is an overview and summary of what RJ Alexander Ministries and Intentional Disciplism offer.  We are not limited as to what you see described below.  We can manipulate any package to fit your church's schedule and budget.  All three services can be done together as well.  The coaching session would consist of meeting with the pastors, leaders and anyone involved in the spiritual development process of the church.  These sessions deal with assessing the current state and developing a plan to move forward.  The interactive workshop of Intentional Disciplism would be for your entire congregation to be trained on how to accomplish your plan for making disciples that make disciples.  This workshop is power-packed and highly recommended.  And lastly, the consulting session helps you develop or modify any small group or secondary ministries to support the vision of the church and the pastor.  



Coaching Sessions (church leadership)

Our coaching package is designed to solidify the mission and vision of the ministry.  We develop a strategy to reflect a church that is intentional about fulfilling the Great Commission.  After ensuring the mission of the church is in line with the Great Commission, we determine what a mature disciple looks like.  Lastly, we empower the mature disciple to become disciple makers through the Intentional Disciplism interactive workshop.


Coaching Package includes 

  • Assess Mission/Vision Statement
  • Characteristics of a Mature Disciple
  • Identify Primary and Secondary Ministries
  • Assimilation
  • Develop a Discipleship Plan
  • Evaluation Process
  • Evaluations/Assessments and much more

interactive workshops

The Intentional Disciplism interactive workshop can be fashioned to fit into your church's schedule.  The full workshop is done in three 2-hour  sessions.  However, the workshop can be altered to accommodate your ministry's schedule.  The workshop is very powerful and challenging to the current western culture theology that most of us have adopted over the years.



Interactive Workshop includes

  • Powerpoint Presentation/Workshop
  • Open Dialogue
  • Table Exercises/ Illustrations
  • Tools to Instantly Implement
  • Discuss Discipleship Process/Intentional Disciplism
  • How to Be a Lifestyle Witness
  • Share Your Faith Organically
  • Tactics to Use When Engaging People
  • Evaluations/Assessments and much more

consulting sessions

With years of experience in ministry and facilitating, Min. Reggie has acquired the knowledge to set up secondary ministries (i.e. Men's Ministries, Women's Ministries, Discipleship Ministries, Focus Studies and Evangelism Ministries) to support the mission and vision of the church as well as the pastor.  We can help your ministry determine the curriculum to use for men's and women's ministry and other focus study classes.


Consulting Package includes

  • Determine if a Secondary Ministry is Necessary
  • Determine what Group will be targeted and why
  • Develop a Reproducible Structure for your Small Groups
  • Determine Best Curriculum or Assist with Creating Your Own Curriculum
  • Identify and Train Facilitators
  • Explain the difference between Teachers and Facilitators
  • and much more

At RJ Alexander Ministries and Intentional Disciplism, we want to be a blessing to the body of Christ.  We do not want anything to hinder what God wants to do in your life and through the life of your ministry.  We work with ministries of all sizes and resources, and prayerfully we can serve your church to the glory of God.  Please contact us so we can see how we can collaborate together to make disciples for the kingdom of God.