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intentional disciplism

Intentional. Relational. Missional.


Minister Reggie has become a much sought after facilitator/ trainer to equip believers to share their faith with confidence in a very simplistic and organic way.  After a 4-year journey of seeking God's will and purpose for his life, God gave Minister Reggie a vision to launch this ministry to train churches and church leaders to focus on making disciples for Christ, not merely decisions for Christ.  The ministry is entitled, Intentional Disciplism, where evangelism is done within the context of the discipleship process.

Minister Reggie Alexander serves as an Associate Minister at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden, under the leadership of Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr., where he has been an active and faithful member since 1995.  During his tenure he has led and facilitated several classes and ministries within the Men's Ministry and Bible Institute.  His most recent assignment is serving as the Director of the Men's Focus Studies Ministry at First Baptist.  

Reggie is happily married to Milicent and they are the proud parents of three children, Ashlei, Gary and McKinzie along with 3 grandchildren.  They reside in Upper Marlboro, MD.




disciples making disciples

The Story Behind Intentional Disciplism

My journey to launching this ministry was birthed out of a serious introspective look at my own life.  I realized that my walk was not lining up with what I was preaching and teaching others to do.  And what was even more disheartening was that my life and lifestyle looked nothing like that of the disciples that I read about in the Bible.  I noticed they risked everything to follow Jesus but I sought a life of comfort and convenience,  rather than risk.  

One of the barbers at the barber shop where I get my haircut, began to attend my church and he would always let me know when he was there.  After a few months he was very excited to tell me that he had joined the church and that he was getting baptized.  I was excited too and I was looking forward to seeing what God was going to do in his life.   Then one day the Holy Spirit posed a very profound question to me concerning my friend that changed everything for me and thus was the seed that birthed this ministry.  The questioned was; "How will Brian go from a spiritual babe to spiritual maturity?"  I was left with the uneasy feeling of knowing that according to studies done by the Barna Group, there was a great chance that Brian would never reach spiritual maturity.  I realized that many Christians get saved, attend church but never fully engage or become a spiritually mature disciple.  Spiritual maturity is not based on how much you know about the bible, it is based on how biblically sound your response is when you face life's problems and adversity.  

I began to seek God as well as the scriptures to find out everything I could  about discipleship.  I've heard the word discipleship used in church quite often but I wasn't sure what a disciple or discipleship looked like from a biblical and practical standpoint.  Since disciples are commissioned to make disciples, I made it my goal and mission to fulfill that mandate, by being a disciple that makes disciples.

I chose eleven men to go through a rigorous discipleship curriculum with me.  We were all challenged in our theology upon learning about true biblical discipleship.  For the first time I knew what God required for me to be a disciple and to make disciples.  I realized up to that point I was coming to Jesus on my terms, not His.  I repeated that discipleship process with ten additional men and I chose 3 other men to meet with me on Saturday mornings to walk them through the discipleship process, following the model of Jesus of teaching the core, the twelve, the crowds and the multitudes.  

I have found my purpose in fulfilling God's purpose of making disciples.  I am committed to being a lifestyle witness for the kingdom of God and sharing the good news of the gospel with the world.  God has commissioned me to start a movement of believers that are intentional about winning souls to Christ, leading them to spiritual maturity and duplicating the process.  I pray that you will partner me in this kingdom endeavor.

Intentional Disciple Maker,